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FOC Doc Stats 3.0 - Just how many words does that document have? How readable is it? Using a word too often? How many times and where? Scan html, text and rtf files to determine the exact number of words (html tags ignored) in a given document. Also includes a Flesch-Kincaid Readability assessment, word frequency analysis, view all word occurrences in a doc, and printing of document stats.

FTPEdit is one of those handy little freeware programs that you can't do without once you've tried it. It allows you to edit your web pages in a Notepad-like environment and save them on your FTP server as if it was your hard drive. Simple macro language with support for multiple accounts & most UNIX variants. Download the free FTPEdit v.1.20 here, or get the shareware version (2.21) with additional features at the ftpedit.com web site.

KeeBook Creator 2.5 (4.6 MB) brings personal publishing to your desktop. Simply drag and drop images, txt or doc, files, movies, spreadsheets, sounds, etc. from the Web or your desktop. The result is a virtual book, with a table of contents and searchable index and content that's instantly organized into chapters. Publish your virtual books on the Web or share them with friends. KeeBooks can be read in any standard browser. Free for personal, non-commercial use.

Metty Version 1.21 (2.0 MB) is a meta tag generator that allows you to create meta tags by filling in simple form fields. This handy little app supports 33 meta tags in the current version. No knowledge of meta tags is necessary to use Metty. Freeware. For Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000.

MetaWizard 1.2a (602 KB) guides you through the process of meta tag creation for your web site pages. A number of search engines still scan Meta tags to determine site ranking. This little tool can help. Freeware.

PrePromote 3.5 (freeware) creates meta tags for your pages, analyses site content and meta-tags, generates specially designed doorway pages and suggests improvements to meta information on your website. It can also be totally branded and offered as a free download from your website.

WebSpeed 1.1b (631 KB) can analyze your web page(s) and tell you how long it will take to download with various modems. Options include a progress bar that can simulate the time the download will take and a variable percentage setting to allow for net congestion. WebSpeed also takes into account browser caching to provide a more accurate picture of download times experienced by users browsing your site. Freeware.


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