Kailey Hunt

  • Kailey Hunt
    I am an Environmental Studies major at Lewis & Clark College from Los Angeles, California. While there are so many intriguing topics with the field, I am more specifically interested in Environmental Justice and Environmental Education.

    Course Summary

    ENVS 220, or Environmental Analysis, is a course Environmental Studies students must take at Lewis & Clark College. In the course, the main two topics are our Areas of Interest and research design. We develop our Areas of Interest but digging deeper into what specifically catches our eye in the realm of Environmental Studies. Another factor of the course is research design, in which we study and closely look at how scholars conduct research. In the final weeks of the course, we produce a situated research project in which we propose a research project to be carried out internationally. Over the course, we gather useful skills to be used over our future in ENVS and more.

    Area of Interest

    One important part of ENVS 220 is an area of interest each student defines to focus their training and upcoming coursework related to environmental studies. The page linked above offers information on the area of interest I successfully developed in ENVS 220.

    Situated Project

    Another important part of ENVS 220 is a situated environmental research project defined and documented in teams. The page linked above offers information on the situated project I helped develop in ENVS 220. Here is further information on our situated research approach.