Gil Odgers

  • I'm Gil, a Lewis and Clark ENVS undergrad from LA. I'm a big fan of growing food in weird ways and looking at birds. I have a bunch of learning disabilities but college will have to pry my desire to learn stuff from my cold hands.

    Course Summary

    ENVS 220, titled Environmental Analysis, is maybe the most critical core course in the environmental studies program. In this course, we have focused on developing our specific areas of interest in environmental studies, as well as project design and data analysis. In 220, I have greatly improved my ability to find and analyze data and formulate useful questions for research. I've also developed my technical skills in software like ArcGIS and data organization in spreadsheets. Our labs and situated research projects have been good practice in working collaboratively to create a final product. 220 is, above all else, an exercise in what it is like to work in environmental studies.

    Area of Interest

    One important part of ENVS 220 is an area of interest each student defines to focus their training and upcoming coursework related to environmental studies. The page linked above offers information on the area of interest I successfully developed in ENVS 220.

    Situated Project

    Another important part of ENVS 220 is a situated environmental research project defined and documented in teams. The page linked above offers information on the situated project I helped develop in ENVS 220. Here is further information on our situated research approach.