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    Course Summary

    In ENVS295, our main objective is to train ourselves in proper environmental engagement by pairing with different organizations around Portland and the Willamette Valley. Throughout this class we've studied different forms of engagement, why some styles of more effective than others, and taken fieldtrips to meet with federal employees, private environmental orgs, and other groups which help create the multi-faceted world surrounding us. I'm the student liaison for the Lewis & Clark College ENVX Symposium through our partnership project. My main goal is to help facilitate and coordinate the 23rd annual symposium, which will focus on the broad topic of conservation.

    Engagement Partnership

    One important part of ENVS 295 is an environmental engagement partnership with a Portland-area organization. The page linked above offers information and resources I helped compile for my organizational partner this semester.

    Engagement Project

    Building on the engagement partnership above, our team developed a related engagement project in collaboration with the partner. The page linked above offers details on our engagement project.

  • My Course Posts

    I've done a series of posts throughout the semester related to readings, our partnership, our project, and my thoughts on environmental engagement. See below for all posts I've published, in reverse order by date.

    COVID-19 Throws A Wrench (Good Thing We Know How To Duck)

    May 6, 2020

    In a rapidly changing world, the introduction of highly-infectious diseases will always be a looming threat. Sometimes they are extinguished before they can do global damage, and sometimes they linger for years and damage communities beyond repair. As humanity grows and touches more parts of the animal kingdom, diseases which […]

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    Student Inclusion: An Exciting Path

    April 22, 2020

    When we change our direction, whether we’ve been following one path for years or just a moment, we must have something we’re hoping to alter. Without a direction, then changes can be sporadic, pointless, and even harmful to projects; each decision must be scrutinized and carefully decided upon. In the […]

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    Animal Parts Trafficking: A Fresh Perspective

    April 14, 2020

    What The issue of animal and animal parts trafficking is one that commands a plethora of resources and time from conservation organizations across the world; the hunting of tigers in Russia, the smuggling of Rhino ivory in Africa, and the use of pangolin in traditional medicine are just a few […]

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    Student Collaboration: An Exciting Opportunity

    April 6, 2020

    As the ENVX Symposium pushes into the future, becoming an intrinsic part of the student experience at Lewis & Clark, it is the job of student committees to think of different ways to freshen its perspective. Each year we seek to challenge different notions, and never to remain sedentary in […]

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    How to Keep it Smooth: Symposia and Speaking

    March 23, 2020

    In the world of orations and presentations, it’s not uncommon that the discussion more resembles a monologue. From speeches delivered by monarchs to college lectures, the person who everyone is looking at is typically the only one to speak. Information is shared, and the audience listens. Although this approach is […]

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    ENVX, Engagement, and Me

    March 23, 2020

    When I first joined ENVS-295, and was told about our upcoming engagement trip, I was initially very hesitant. The main questions which circled in my mind were as to how this could help. In the back of my mind I felt as though these were arbitrary lessons; growing up in […]

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    ENVX Symposium’s Hurdle: Relaying The Information

    March 21, 2020

    The purpose of a symposium, at its core, is to engage with others. Its audience may be very specialized, such as a subset of scientists or politicians, or very broad, such as the general public. Regardless of who it relates to, symposia deal with the transfer of knowledge, which is […]

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    Conservation, ENVX, and The Fight For Truth

    March 4, 2020

    At the surface, the 23rd annual ENVX Symposium’s topic, Conservation, may seem like a single track issue which is relatively safe from scrutiny; when we harm the natural world around us, it makes sense that we would seek to fix this harm. Rhetoric around a topic so squarely planted in […]

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    The Tricky Intersection of Budget and Creativity

    February 25, 2020

    The ENVX Symposium, now approaching its 23rd year of existence, is one of the major symposiums held at Lewis & Clark College. It is a string of events which helps students, and the public, frame new ideas and challenging assertions which are designed to call into question their own worldviews. […]

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    Thoughts From Wooden Shoe: CBD, Tulips, and The Oregon Farm Bureau

    February 21, 2020

    On January 31st of 2020, a few dozen college students comprising the Lewis and Clark environmental engagement set out on an overnight reconnaissance trip to try to grasp what environmental engagement is and how to do it. Our class arrived at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm on the morning of day […]

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