Katie Crocker

  • Katie Crocker
    My name is Katie, and I'm a sophomore Environmental Studies major at Lewis and Clark College. I'm passionate about the environment and the different ways that action and conversation shapes our environmental landscape. I'm also on LC's Crew team where I enjoy going out on the Willamette River everyday.

    Course Summary

    ENVS 295 is a course focused on environmental engagement. This course is different than most traditional college classes because of its focus on learning about engagement, not through theory, but through actual engagement. Engagement comes in many different forms, and we have been learning about how different methods of communication can drastically affect the outcome of engagement. The dialogic model of communication is what we have been focused on in ENVS 295 because of its potential to bring together people with contrasting beliefs and values. So far this semester, our class has gone on a field trip where we engaged with a variety of groups, we have begun forming partnerships with organizations in the Portland area in the hopes of creating long-term relationships between the ENVS department and these organizations, and we have studied engagement and affective action.

    Engagement Partnership

    One important part of ENVS 295 is an environmental engagement partnership with a Portland-area organization. The page linked above offers information and resources I helped compile for my organizational partner this semester.

    Engagement Project

    Building on the engagement partnership above, our team developed a related engagement project in collaboration with the partner. The page linked above offers details on our engagement project.

  • My Course Posts

    I've done a series of posts throughout the semester related to readings, our partnership, our project, and my thoughts on environmental engagement. See below for all posts I've published, in reverse order by date.

    Portland Harbor Community Coalition Project Input

    April 21, 2020

    This semester, our Environmental Engagement class has been working on partnering with different organizations in the Portland community. Through these partnerships, we are hoping to create lasting relationships between these organizations and the Environmental Studies Department. My group is partnered with the Portland Harbor Community Coalition (PHCC). We are currently […]

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    What’s Happening With the Willamette?

    April 15, 2020

    This semester in ENVS 295, we have been studying environmental engagement. As a class, we have been learning about engagement through partnering with different organizations in the Portland area. Through these partnerships, we hope to create lasting relationships with these organizations and the ENVS department. This semester our class has […]

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    Instagram: More Than Just a Distraction

    April 10, 2020

    Portland Harbor Community Coalition (PHCC) works to promote the voices and values of those most marginalized in the community surrounding the Portland Harbor Superfund site. They also work to promote the clean-up and restoration of the Portland Harbor Superfund site. Our group has partnered with PHCC in an effort to […]

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    Storytelling in the Digital Age

    April 8, 2020

    Overview This semester in ENVS 295, our class has been preparing to partner with different organizations in the Portland area. The idea behind these partnerships is that our class will begin to build relationships with these organizations, and the work we do will be carried on by future ENVS classes. […]

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    Agents for Engagement: Dialogue in the Age of Polarization

    March 22, 2020

    Overview This semester, our ENVS 295 class has done a lot! We went on a reconnaissance trip where we had the opportunity to learn from a variety of organizations. We have spent a lot of time learning, thinking, and talking about what effective engagement and communication looks like, and additionally, […]

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    How I Met Your River

    March 10, 2020

    How to Engage We have discussed in the past the importance of identifying the “who” to include into environmental engagement opportunities as well as the “what” should be discussed at large. The third step in creating proactive and effective environmental engagement includes determining the “how.” This means understanding how to […]

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    Whose River is it Anyways?

    March 8, 2020

    Understanding Everyone Involved Understanding who all is involved as stakeholders in every situation when it comes to environmental engagement is key. The incorporation of all perspectives creates the most efficient and inclusive form of engagement possible. When considering stakeholders, it’s important to consider all groups involved, not just the most […]

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    A Waterfront Through Different Lenses

    February 29, 2020

    Post-Truths in Current Climates Environmental engagement is a process that involves three things: the what (an issue), the who (stakeholders), and the how (the way engagement/connections are being made). This week in ENVS 295, we focused on the “what” of environmental engagement. Many environmental issues are controversial and in the […]

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    Splashing In With The Coalition

    February 24, 2020

    Effective Action The concept of effective action comes with a number of different ideas backing it up. In the most general way, effective action is seen as individuals or groups taking action in the most efficient and meaningful manner that makes it so the outcome is the most beneficial to […]

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    Engaging with the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum

    February 17, 2020

    Overview Bright and early on the morning of Friday January 31, our ENVS 295 class set out on a field trip. The first stop on our trip was the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum, located on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge about 45 minutes east of Portland. Getting […]

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