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Course Summary

ENVS 295:Environmental engagement is about learning how to create an open space for conversation about action towards an environmental issue. The What (the environmental issue), Who (the targeted audience), and How (connecting all three) are key ways environmentalists are able to work towards effective action. So far in 295, I have collaborated on numerous DS posts about environmental engagement and begun cultivating a partnership with the organization, Green Empowerment. I have learned so far about "active perspective taking" which is putting yourself in someone else's shoes and seeing their experiences through your own eyes. I think this is very important to apply to environmental engagement as well as other polarizing topics we face today.

Engagement Partnership

One important part of ENVS 295 is an environmental engagement partnership with a Portland-area organization. The page linked above offers information and resources I helped compile for my organizational partner this semester.

Engagement Project

Building on the engagement partnership above, our team developed a related engagement project in collaboration with the partner. The page linked above offers details on our engagement project.

My Course Posts

I've done a series of posts throughout the semester related to readings, our partnership, our project, and my thoughts on environmental engagement. See below for all posts I've published, in reverse order by date.

Assessing Green Empowerment’s Project Goals

April 20, 2020

As a group, we plan to assess this project to determine the extent to which it achieves our goals by asking for feedback from our collaborative organization, Green Empowerment. One way of assessing this project could be through the amount/number of donations Green Empowerment received a couple months to a […]

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Green Empowerment’s Global Outreach

April 13, 2020

This semester in ENVS 295, we broke into groups to begin building partnerships with organizations in the local Portland area that emphasize the use of engagement. One of the many organizations we are collaborating with on a potential project is Green Empowerment. Green Empowerment is a global organization that collaborates […]

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Energizing Communities, One Solar Panel at a Time

April 6, 2020

Green Empowerment is an organization that partners with rural communities across the world on improving access to renewable energy, safe drinking water, sanitation, and more. These projects are a collaboration with the communities to ensure long-term economic and environmental sustainability. Through their projects, they are advancing the Sustainable Development Goals […]

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The Power of Engagement

March 25, 2020

So far in ENVS 295 we have listened to organizations share their views on engagement during our Reconnaissance trip, begun cultivating partnerships with organizations in the local PDX area, and developed a deeper understanding of what engagement means. I look forward to learning even more about how to implement what […]

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Empowering One’s Voice Through Dialogue

March 10, 2020

What + Who = How Our What’s are the controversy surrounding solar energy and other renewable energy sources that Green Empowerment helps implement in rural communities. Our Who is our Green Empowerment partners, as well as, Green Empowerment itself. One possible How approach that connects our What to our Who […]

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Who Exactly is Empowered by Green Empowerment?

March 10, 2020

Our Focused Readings The Hidden Tribes study consists of a number of questions on your views about the world and places you into one of the seven profiles (Progressive Activists, Traditional Liberals, Passive Liberals, Politically Disengaged, Moderates, Traditional Conservatives, Devoted Conservatives). The Passive Liberals tribe is the largest as 26% […]

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Green Empowerment’s Search for the Truth

March 3, 2020

With technology playing a part in many of our everyday lives, it can feel overwhelming to constantly be alerted by notifications, messages, and daily news from around the world. Technology delivers information at such a constant rate, that this absorption is reflected into how we respond to much of what […]

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Gauging the Power in ‘Green Empowerment’

February 25, 2020

Effective Action The Introduction to Effective Altruism reading from Tuesday went into detail about the three criteria for effective action: great in scale (effects as many people as possible), highly neglected (few other people are working to address the problem), and highly solvable (additional resources will do a great deal […]

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Collaboration at the Fire Station

February 18, 2020

Introduction Our Environmental Engagement class, ENVS 295, went on a reconnaissance trip to encounter various environmental conflicts in Oregon that represent opportunities for inclusive engagement across differences. One of the presentations we experienced on the trip involved The Hood River Forest Collaborative (HRFC). The group presented in the form of […]

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