Jim Proctor

Jim Proctor
I'm a geographer and serve as professor of environmental studies at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, as well as admin of the envs.lclark.edu DS site. My recent work is in environmental theory, environmental engagement, and the higher education environmental curriculum; in past I've done work on the intersection of science, religion, and nature. I run an educational nonprofit on my land in southern Oregon, and love to make and sing music.

Course Summary

Environmental Theory, a course I have taught since 2014, is to me an opportunity to follow Terry Eagleton's approach to theory as "reasonably systematic reflection on our guiding assumptions" in the context of environment. Every time I teach this course, I get to learn from our Lewis & Clark students, whether via their insights or their struggles. So, contrary to how "theory" may sound to some ears, environmental theory thus continually reminds me of its relevance to our students' lives. Phasellus egestas diam eleifend, semper nibh nec, aliquam tellus. In eget tellus eros. Donec id ultrices metus, nec auctor sem. Cras at ex a quam rhoncus rutrum a sed odio. Sed quis est sed libero mollis facilisis. Cras quis sagittis ligula. Aenean ultricies non sapien at cursus. In eget est sit amet lacus elementum rutrum vel ut mi. Morbi tincidunt facilisis dapibus. Nulla id ligula magna.

Glossary Entry

In addition to posts, I contributed the entry linked above as part of a glossary of key environmental theory terms.

Course Posts

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