Heather Shaw

  • Heather Shaw
    A B.A. in Environmental Studies. My work throughout my four years has concerned the relationships between food systems and education. I am passionate about education and its ability to create change in the world. In my free time I enjoy getting outside with friends and cooking yummy food.

    Course Summary

    ENVS 400 or Senior Seminar is based around the completion of a capstone outcome, for myself taking the form of a thesis. Throughout the semester we worked on these extended scholarly manuscripts, with support from our peers and advisor. I myself competed a thesis titled, The Effectiveness of Elementary Garden Education as a Tool for Altering Global Food Systems. My research looked at problematic aspects of the global food system and assed garden education in Portland to understand if it could be a catalyst for change. I was able to draw conclusions, based on the local to global spatial scale that garden education in Portland remains in local scales with some hope of global action. 

    Senior Capstone

    Our main work in ENVS 400 involves a senior capstone: an original, interdisciplinary environmental research project, resulting in a thesis or other outcome. The page linked above provides more information on my senior capstone.

  • Course Posts

    Learning From the Process

    April 27, 2020

    Looking back on this past academic year it is hard to make a list in my head about the many things that I have learned along the way while creating my final thesis. The main three pieces I have taken from this huge project have been, the connections made with […]

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    Building Blocks to the Top

    April 19, 2020

    The Beginning Core Courses Reflecting on the work I have put into my capstone, titled The Effectiveness of Elementary Garden Education as a Tool for Altering Global Food Systems, I have realized the Environmental Studies Department does a great job of preparing students from the beginning to think about these […]

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    Moving Past the Paper

    April 13, 2020

    Throughout the spring while I have been writing my thesis, I have been fortunate to gain practical experience in a related field at the same time. My capstone focusing on the effectiveness of garden education and its ability to be a tool for change, has benefited greatly from my work […]

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    Moving Forwards and Backwards

    April 5, 2020

    Over the past academic year I have been working on my senior thesis in different parts and iterations. Looking backwards and forwards I will reflect on the ways in which my communication and understanding of my work has changed over the past year. Beginning with my environmental theory work in […]

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