Jon Hosch

  • I am an Environmental Studies major, with a French Studies minor, at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. I am interested in pursuing a graduate career in Sustainable Forestry and Land Management. In my free time, I enjoy being outside, in any way possible, and making music.

    Course Summary

    In ENVS 400 (Senior Seminar), we picked up where we left our Capstone Frameworks in ENVS 350 (Environmental Theory). This course was the culmination of the class of 2020's work in the Environmental Studies program since we began developing our capstone topics back in ENVS 220. Personally, I have accomplished so much in ENVS 400 but, I am most proud of the fact that I was able to formulate an idea Sophmore year and continue to develop that same topic into a full-grown Thesis. Although I had written papers of similar length in the past, working on a topic so elaborate over such a long period of time was completely new to me. Ultimately, ENVS 400 allowed me to develop my research and project management skills in ways that would have been impossible in any other setting that I have worked in previously.

    Senior Capstone

    Our main work in ENVS 400 involves a senior capstone: an original, interdisciplinary environmental research project, resulting in a thesis or other outcome. The page linked above provides more information on my senior capstone.

  • Course Posts

    Choosing the Best Lesson

    April 27, 2020

    Introduction As I mentioned in my course summary, working on a scholarly project so elaborate, over such a long period of time, was something that I had never done before. This was a very unique opportunity for me to develop my research and project management skills that would have not […]

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    Capstone Takeaways from the ENVS Program

    April 20, 2020

    My last post discussed how the ENVS department has prepared me for a better future simply by giving me the ability to ask informed questions and engage in constructive dialogue. This is reflected in my capstone through its general structure, the questions asked, and an overall emphasis on the ability […]

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    Thinking About Opportunities

    April 13, 2020

    Creating, developing, and finishing a project like a thesis is a daunting task. The creation of something meaningful was done, in this case, by asking the right questions. I have had endless opportunities to practice asking questions in the ENVS program (but that’s for the next post). The capstone process, […]

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    Polishing an Argument and Communicating a Capstone

    April 6, 2020

    Although we had done a lot of work on creating the ideas behind our capstones before Spring 2020, most of us––myself included––attempted to solidify our thoughts through multiple iterations of capstone MadLibs, and just sitting down and writing the thing, during the first few weeks of ENVS 400. Personally, I […]

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