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  • I am a Lewis & Clark College student, graduating in May of 2020 with a double major in Environmental Studies, and Sociology & Anthropology.

    Course Summary

    ENVS 400 is meant to facilitate students’ capstone work through guided research and planning exercises. By choosing to pursue honors within this course, my fellow honors candidates and I helped one another by discussing our work, and peer editing our drafts. This course encouraged students to work independently, with minimal feedback, to produce a traditional thesis or alternative capstone outcome. A traditional thesis outcome requires a student to create an elongated research paper, following the Environmental Studies department’s hourglass structure. Alternative outcomes are meant to foster creativity in students who wish to represent their interests using other mediums. I completed a traditional thesis outcome to pursue honors, and was granted honors following my defense. My work throughout this semester has challenged me to further my independent work ethic, and has allowed me to create a welcoming space for peer editing with other students to productively engage with one another’s perspectives. 

    Senior Capstone

    Our main work in ENVS 400 involves a senior capstone: an original, interdisciplinary environmental research project, resulting in a thesis or other outcome. The page linked above provides more information on my senior capstone.

  • Course Posts

    What I Learned in Boating School Is…

    April 27, 2020

    This thesis process, despite being my second, was unique. Though I began this process two years ago, which is mind boggling to think about, I have changed my course slightly along the way. In all honesty, at the start of this semester I was unsure on how to approach ecoterrorism, […]

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    Majors and Capstones

    April 20, 2020

    I like to consider the interdisciplinary degree that ENVS advertises as something that has benefitted from my double major. With the previous major design, it seemed most sensible to me to pursue a double major, in order to avoid the work that came with a concentration. My SOAN major ended […]

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    Revisiting the Process

    April 13, 2020

    Writing this capstone allowed me to practice the skills that I have developed over the last three years. I had already best implemented these skills in my previous thesis work, so if anything the process this semester (due to the ENVS schedule), forced me to learn how to complete a […]

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    Still Going

    April 5, 2020

    Before, I had a rule that I would not do any schoolwork at my house. This was meant to keep my studying, and home life as separate aspects of my life that never had to meet. This was intentional, and in all honesty, quite healthy. It’s also completely been thrown […]

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