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    Sanibonani, Dumelang and Hello! My name is Mamelang Memela and I am a senior ENVS and French Studies double major (May 2020) from Johannesburg, South Africa. My interests include conservation, sustainability and environmental policy.

    Course Summary

    ENVS 400 is the final class in the Environmental Studies program at Lewis and Clark College. It gives students the opportunity to apply all the methods, theories and skills they have learned during their time in college toward a capstone project that may be a thesis (honours) and non-thesis outcome. Having pursued the honours-track, I continued work I had begun during the previous semester in order to produce a written thesis and had a thesis defense.  In ENVS 400, myself and a handful of  other honours candidates fast-tracked our research into our topics, met with our professor and also had peer feedback sessions to complete our work. My thesis is a cross comparative study that assesses the impacts of the employed conservation strategies in Kruger National Park, South Africa and the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. The question that guides my research asks: Is conservation beneficial? The findings of this research suggest that the Maasai have benefited from their more participatory community-based conservation approach as their livelihood and the preservation of their culture is dependent on the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

    Senior Capstone

    Our main work in ENVS 400 involves a senior capstone: an original, interdisciplinary environmental research project, resulting in a thesis or other outcome. The page linked above provides more information on my senior capstone.

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