Sophie Henry

  • Course Summary

    ENVS 400 was structured around completing a capstone project built upon a theoretical framework developed in ENVS 350. Earlier stages of the course included working through various sections of our projects and how best to communicate research findings. We worked form the top to bottom of the hourglass building upon previous sections and ultimately editting these section into a completed final project. I wrote my capstone paper about the utility of art in the anthropocene, drawing upon interviews with artists and relevent scholarship.

    Senior Capstone

    Our main work in ENVS 400 involves a senior capstone: an original, interdisciplinary environmental research project, resulting in a thesis or other outcome. The page linked above provides more information on my senior capstone.

  • Course Posts

    Lessons from the Finish Line

    April 27, 2020

    I learned so much while completing my capstone project this year, from how to research critically to my process completing a large writing project. Most poignant, was what I learned going through the process of sticking with my research topic and developing it based on the research I was continuously […]

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    Continuing the Practice of Weaving

    April 20, 2020

    As an ENVS major I have gained a wealth of experience and skillset that has prepared me to undertake my capstone project. ENVS 160 was where this journey started and I personally learned strong research skills, and the value of attempting to understand an issue from all perspectives. My fundamental […]

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    Opening Opportunities

    April 13, 2020

    The main way that I will use my capstone will to help open up opportunities for me is likely a writing example. It is an example of the research and writing skills I learned in the ENVS major at Lewis & Clark. I will link to my capstone on my […]

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    Reflections on my Capstone Development

    April 5, 2020

    My capstone topic has shifted significantly over the past few years. Originally, I planned on writing about and researching regenerative agriculture and other tensions between the pursuit of an ecologically sound agricultural system and the necessity for high crop yields. This year, I decided to focus more on synthesizing what […]

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